IFLA Journal Vol. 45 (2019) Nr. 4 (Dezember) ist online

CONTENTS von Heft 4 in englischer Sprache:


Can journals overcome bias and make the peer review process more inclusive?
Steven W. Witt


Predatory publishing and the Ghana experience: A call to action for information professionals
Kodjo Atiso, Jenna Kammer and Jenny Bossaller

An examination of IFLA and Data Science Association ethical codes
Cheryl Trepanier, Ali Shiri and Toni Same

The literate environment in Kenya: Re-conceptualizing the value of text
Brooke M. Shanno

Knowledge management practice in South Asian higher education institutions
Saima Kanwal, Miguel Baptista Nunes and Muhammad Ar

Entrepreneurial opportunities: A roadmap for diversifying financial sources in libraries, Tanzania
Julither Edward Mayombya, Kelefa Mwantimwa and Esther Ndenje-Sichalwe

Barriers to ideal transfer of climate change information in developing nations
Brady Lund

School librarians in Sweden: A case study in change
Lesley S. J. Farme

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